Programs Overview

Under the umbrella of the ‘Mind Body and Me! Program, we have 5 exciting programs run by our amazing educators who are also accredited Yoga, Zumba, Meditation, Pilates and Martial Arts/Karate teachers. The teachers are accompanied by our fantastic and interactive puppets which the children get to meet and learn from. These include; Miss Honey Bee (Yoga), Zumba Zac and Zumba Zoey (Zumba), Sensei Lee (Karate), Jack and Jill (Up Bravery Hill Kids)

A Mindful Me with Miss Honey Bee

A Yoga Program.

Topics; Kindness, Attention, Calmness, Growing, Creativity, Empathy, Emotions, The Healthy Body.

A Zumba Life with Zumba Zac and Zumba Zoey

A Zumba Program.

Topics; Energy, Fitness, Positive Attitude, Nutrition, Drinking, Hygiene, Sleep, Relationships.

A Safe Me with Sensei Lee

A Martial Arts/Karate Program.

Topics; Safe Surroundings – Inside and Outside, Fire Emergencies, Calling 000, Stranger Danger, Bullying, Boss of My Own Body, The Healthy Body.

Mind, Body and Me! with the Whole Team

A Combination Yoga, Zumba, Karate 9 Week Program.

Topics; Mindfulness and Relaxation, Stress and Anxiety Strategies, Physical Body, Strength and Flexibility, The Healthy Body, Respectful and Safe Relationships, Bullying.

Jack and Jill Up Bravey Hill

A Educational In service Program with puppets, roles play, story-time and physical games.

Topics; Feeling Safe and Unsafe, Children’s Rights, Safe Trust, Warning Signs, It’s Ok To Say No!, Body Ownership, Identifying Feelings and Emotions, Secrets.

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All classes can be modified to suit the centre’s needs. You may prefer a half day or full day workshop.

The teachers employed by Energetic Minds are fully qualified, fun and energetic with extensive backgrounds working with young children.