8 Week Program 20 or More Children Per Class


One-Off Workshop: 45minute = $10.00 per child 60 Minute = $12.00 per child
8 Week Program 1-19 children per class = $10.00 per class. 20 or more children per class = $8.00 per class

Jack & Jill Up Bravery Hill

45-60 Minute Lessons For Workshops OR 45 Minutes Each Lesson For 8 Week Program


  • Feeling Safe and Unsafe.
  • Children’s Rights.
  • Safe Trust.
  • Warning Signs.
  • It’s Ok To Say No!
  • Body Ownership.
  • Identifying Feelings and Emotions. Secrets.
  • Bullying.

All classes can be modified to suit the centre’s needs. You may prefer a half day or full day workshop.

The teachers employed by Energetic Minds are fully qualified, fun and energetic with extensive backgrounds working with young children.