As a first responder to emergency incidents I have personally witnessed the trials and triumphs of families as they face the ever-changing world we live in. I have seen the impact of how domestic abuse, unstable relationships and the demands of society can shape the young minds of tomorrow.  As a result, I believe prevention is better than the cure. Further educational initiatives will provide greater awareness to young children of these serious welfare issues. Wellness and Wellbeing topics including; personal development; safety, body awareness; safe touch; secrets, bullying and abuse need to be addressed at a young age.

My wife, Katelyn is a primary and secondary school teacher of 20 years. She also recognises the importance of educating and intercepting children at a young age for them to have the building blocks for a brighter future.

Assistant Teachers

The programs we develop are interesting and engaging, which maximises the children’s learning potential and awareness.  The classes are unique, fun and exciting and are delivered using interactive puppets. We achieve this by implementing lessons packed with, Zumba, Yoga, Meditation, Martial Arts, accompanied with topic talk, activities, games, role play and story- time to enhance learning and attentiveness.