early childhood programs

Energetic Minds Early Childhood Programs Australia explores the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) outcomes and its fundamental concepts of Belong, Being, and Becoming. The content and lesson structure of our physical education and safety awareness program covers the five Learning Outcomes – Developing a strong sense of identity; Connection and contribution to their world; Establishing a strong sense of wellbeing; Becoming confident and involved learners; and Being effective communicators. Our 7 exciting and fun programs explore movement disciplines of Yoga, Dance, Meditation, Pilates, and Martial Arts/Karate. The teachers are accompanied by our fantastic and interactive puppets which the children get to meet and learn a variety of wellness and wellbeing topics from including emotional and personal development; positive relationships and respect; the healthy body and nutrition; emergency management (calling 000, tricky people, safe trust); coping strategies of self-management and regulation; and environmental sustainability.

primary and vocational programs

Energetic Mind’s Primary School Physical Education and Safety Awareness Programs are carefully designed incorporating the NESA PDHPE; Creative and Performing Arts; and Science Curriculum Aims, Objectives, and Learning Outcomes. Each program educates students to develop self-management, interpersonal, and movement skills to help them become empowered, self-confident, and socially responsible citizens. The fundamental content for each program consists of physical education movement skills and concepts to enable students to participate in a range of physical activities through disciplines such as Yoga, Dance, Martial Arts Fitness, and Drama/Theatre. Each physical and creative arts program lesson develops the knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes important for students to take positive action to protect and enhance their own and others’ health, safety and wellbeing. Topics include Skills include Body Awareness skills (respect, positive relationships and the healthy body – nutrition) Safety Awareness – emergency management (calling 000, tricky people, safe trust); and Personal Coping Strategies (emotional development)

Exploring the NESA Science outcomes, Mr Peabody and students study environmental sustainability through topics of recycling, energy and water conservation, and nature preservation through a wide range of crazy experiments, quirky storytelling, magic tricks, and games.

A Mindful Me with Miss Honey Bee

The Yoga program ‘A Mindful Me With Miss Honey Bee’ develops students use of self-management skills through breathing, stretching, meditation, listening, and creative movement exercises. These exercises enable students to take personal responsibility for their actions and emotions and take positive action to protect and enhance the health, safety, and wellbeing of others.

Topics; Kindness, Attention, Calmness, Growing, Creativity, Empathy, Emotions, The Healthy Body.

Dancing Minds with Dotty Devine

The ‘Dancing Minds With Dotty Devine’ program teaches students to move with confidence, competence, and creativity across a range of physical activity contexts by learning cultural celebratory dances from Mexico, Ireland, India, Africa, Greece Brazil, China and Australia. As well, as focusing on strengthening children’s dance body skills and technique through positive relationships.

Topics; Energy, Fitness, Positive Attitude, Body Skills and Positive Teamwork.

A Strong and Safe Me! With Sensei Lee

The fitness and martial arts program, ‘A Strong and Safe Me! With Sensei Lee’ develops strong interpersonal skills that enable students to build and maintain respectful relationships with others through kata, obstacle courses, stretching, and physical movement activities. It is also an advocate for their own and others’ health, safety, wellbeing through topics such as inside safety, fire safety, emergency procedures, and beach/water safety.

Topics; Safe Surroundings – Inside and Outside, Fire Emergencies, Calling 000, Stranger Danger, Bullying, Boss of My Own Body, The Healthy Body.

A Super Me!

‘A Super Me!’ program is a discipline combination program consisting of Yoga, Zumba, Martial Arts/ Fitness, and Creative and Performing Arts. Through movement activities, students enact and strengthen areas of health, safety, and wellbeing. Skills include Body Awareness skills – respect and positive relationships, Safety Awareness – emergency management (calling 000, tricky people, safe trust), and Personal Coping Strategies – breathing and concentration exercises.

Topics; Mindfulness and Relaxation, Stress and Anxiety Strategies, Physical Body, Strength and Flexibility, The Healthy Body, Respectful and Safe Relationships, Bullying.

A Remarkable Sally Sparkles

The creative and performing arts program ‘A Remarkable Sally Sparkles’, explores the four dimensions of wellness through the arts. Students learn to select, manipulates, and modify theatrical skills through dance, drama/acting, musical theatre elements, and practical music components.

Mr Peabody Goes Green! – A Science and Sustainability Program

A wacky science and sustainability exploration through the eyes of Dr. Peabody. Students learn about recycling, energy and water conservation, and nature preservation through a wide range of crazy experiments, quirky storytelling, magic tricks, and games.

Jack and Jill Up Bravery Hill Safety Awareness Show

Fun, theatrical performances from a very talented performer. The show is delivered in four wonderful episodes exploring important safety awareness topics of safe trust, physical warning signs, bullying, tricky people, and much more. The content is taught through song, dance, music, magic, and student participation.

Topics; Feeling Safe and Unsafe, Children’s Rights, Safe Trust, Warning Signs, It’s Ok To Say No!, Body Ownership, Identifying Feelings and Emotions, Secrets.

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